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1998 Aortic Valve Surgery Seoul, Samsung Medical Center
2000 Mitral Valve Surgery Seoul, Samsung Medical Center
2002 Tricuspid Valve Diease Seoul. Yonsei University Hospital
2003 Mitral Valve Disease Seoul, Seoul National University Hospital
2004 Aortic Valve Disease Busan Hanwha Resort, Asan Medical Center
2005 Anticoagulation Seoul, Seoul National University Hospital
2008 Postoperative Heart Failure & Valve-related Complication Namhae Hilton Resort, Seoul National University
2009 Medical. Surgical & Interventional Decision-Making in Mitral & Pulmonary Valve Disease Gyeongju Hyundai Hotel, Yonsei University
2010 Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery & Issue in the Valvular Heart Disease Cheonan Sangnok Resort. Asan Medical Center
2011 Tricuspid Regurgitation Konjiam Resort, Seoul National University
2012 Aortic Valve Disease Sheraton Seoul D Cube City. Samsung Medical Center
2013 Mitral Valve Disease: Past & Future Sheraton Seoul D Cube City, Yonsei University
2014 Nomal & Abnomal Tricuspid Valve
2015 Aortic Valve: How to check, How to treat? Carnival Culture Palace. Muju
2016 Current Update of Infective Endocarditis Grand Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea
2018 Heart Valve Disease Grand Walkerhill Hotel